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Compounding medications

We are a compounding pharmacy, which means we make custom medication tailored to your needs. For example:

Traditional compounding is the preparation of a medication to meet the prescribes exact specifications.

While most pharmacies offer level of compounding, most compounding is done in pharmacies that have made the investment.

The practice of compounding is regulated by state boards of pharmacy. Community and hospital compounding pharmacists are allowed exemptions to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938 if they comply with the regulations outlined in Section 503A.

The art of compounding utilizes modern medicine while still holding true to the roots of the profession of pharmacy.

A compounded medication is a drug that is specifically prepared for you, based on a prescription from your doctor. Your pharmacist will mix different ingredients together to create an individualized medication for you, in a specific strength and dosage form based on patient preferences and/or restrictions. Examples include dye-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free, and/or sugar-free forms of medications. Many compounds are specialized medication combinations or compounded in other forms that are not otherwise commercially available.Your pharmacist is trained in compounding a wide variety of ointments, gels, syrups, suspensions, suppositories, capsules and other formulations that can make medications easier to take, address any special health problems, or just simply get you feeling better, faster.

Compounded medications are generally safe and effective for most patients who have talked to their doctor about their health and how a compounded medication can help them.
Medications are compounded and dispensed to patients only upon receipt of a valid patient-specific prescription.

For you to know more about Compounding, here are some questions and answers about the topic.

World standards in medication have been set and generalized, claiming that it suits the majority. However, there is a minority need that has to be recognized as well. At West Orange Family Pharmacy, we allow health practitioners to prescribe the medication that suits the patient best, addressing their special health conditions and aiding them with medication via prescription compounding.

Compounding costs are dependent on the dosage form, ingredients, manner of preparation and equipment required. For transparency, we present you with the breakdown of expenses. We will also coordinate with your physician in the process. Rest assured that compounding is affordable and has proven beneficial for many of our clients.

Compounding services are both safe and legal only if they are prescribed by a licensed health practitioner and compounded by a licensed pharmacist from West Orange Family Pharmacy.

To begin enjoying compounding services, you need to have an authorization from your physician. Your doctor can indicate this in your prescription: dosage, active ingredient, flavor, etc.

Our specialized compounding services include Special Gels & Lollipops, Suppositories, Pain Management, Customized Flavoring, Allergy and Dye-Free Medication, Children’s Medication, Sports Medicine, Hormonal Therapy, and Veterinary Compounding.

For example:

Any doctor can write a prescription for a compounded medication, but  most prescriptions come from doctors in these fields: Any doctor can write a prescription for a compounded medication, but most prescriptions come from doctors in these fields.

  • Dermatologists (skin)
  • Pain specialists
  • Podiatrists (feet)
  • Endocrinologists (hormone imbalances and other endocrine disorders)
  • Veterinarians
  • Gastroenterologists (digestive system)

Benefits of compounded prescriptions:

  • If you are allergic to an inactive ingredient, such as a preservative or dye, our pharmacist can make that medication without that ingredient.
  • If your child cannot swallow pills, we can make a liquid option.
  • If you take hormones, your body may react better to bioidentical hormone therapy.
  • Most syrup medications comes with sugars and we can make sugar free syrup or suspension.
  • If you take hormones, your body may react better to bio-identical hormone therapy.

Talk to our pharmacist about using compounding to tailor your medication to your unique needs. Together with your doctor, we can find a treatment that works for you.

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